Dynamic Motion and the Five Encores

It Isn't It/ Scherzo


Sinister Resonance

Three Irish Legends







About this site

Welcome to cowellpiano.com!

Cowellpiano.com is dedicated to the piano music of American composer Henry Cowell (1897-1965) including performance suggestions and historical information for selected works.

Henry Cowell was prolific, composing almost 1000 pieces but many remain housed and hidden in library collections around the U.S. As you visit this site, I hope you find answers to the questions you may have about Cowell. Many are surprised to learn that Cowell developed many of the modern innovations for piano and perhaps you'll discover new ideas as well.

In addition to the pages on individual works, this site includes a brief biography of Cowell's life and a section dedicated to the types and performance of Cowell's "tone clusters." Below, you will find various links, a discography and a bibliography for more information on Cowell.

Noticeably absent from this website are entries for The Aeolian Harp and The Banshee. These are by far Cowell's most famous piano compositions and have already been well-researched, documented and recorded. Information about these pieces may be available on this site at a later date.

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